Create a Stress Free Home

Is your home infused with Supportive, Clear, Vibrant Energy? This may sound a bit odd, but these need to be there to create a Stress Free Home.

I think it is fair to say that our lives and our days are so busy and full of “to-do-lists” and things to accomplish , that we view our homes as if they are impersonal dwellings that although necessary, we merely pass through . However, our dwellings are full of energy that should be working for us and bringing replenishment of our energy. I always visualize my home as my safe haven, my sanctuary and so I tend to take care of it as I would my gardens, tending to it on a regular basis so I can enjoy the beauty of its blooms.

I feel that our homes are the outer reflection of those who dwell within them. With that in mind why not give them some serious consideration as to how they are working with you to produce the best you. Do the current appearances in your home, clash with how you’d like to see yourself? If so, your energy may be trying to shine, but is hampered in perhaps just a little way by its environment. Making changes to our home to reflect our inner beauty and spirit, need not involve massive renovations, redecorating or a substantial outlay of cash. Small changes such as changing the location of an item in your home, unearthing some of those treasures that you’ve packed away for safe keeping, making small repairs that have been on that “to-do-list” or adding a touch of colour with accessories can enhance a room and draw your attention to the things that please you the most.

Organizing, cleaning and removing chaos can go along way to introducing calm into our world. Working on your personal space could become a creative project and increase our creative juices. Your trash could be someone else’s treasure so consider giving some of what is not bringing you peace and joy in your home to Charity. It may bring someone renewed joy and energy for them.

Removing stress from your home can be very simple. Put bills in lovely boxes to keep them organized and inviting, and make a decision as to when you will deal with them.

Simplifying our space will help our energy roam free, give us time for ourselves while creating a more welcoming space, not only for your, but for all who spend time in your home.

Happy Re-Decorating !!