Are You Acknowledging Your World

It is only my observation, but I believe that we often spend our days going through so many motions that our thoughts are not necessarily on what we see, the beauty around us and the people that are there adding to our day, sadly, these all fade into our busy, active, somewhat robotic day.

With this thought in mind, I decided to spend a day in a different mode. I would carry out all of my obligations as usual, but this day, I would be mindful of what is there for me to enjoy and I made a point of acknowledging everything and everyone that crossed my path that day.

Let me walk you through that day and how different and fulfilling it was for me to meander through the day with a different view of it. On wakening and opening the blinds, I acknowledged the beauty of the day, the sun, the blue sky mixed with fluffy clouds. Heading downstairs for nourishment, I saw a cute chipmunk outside on my patio, quietly opening the patio door so as not to frighten him, I acknowledge his wonder and beauty and his tenacious nature that obviously keeps him alive and nourished. While making breakfast, I acknowledged what was there for me and the good fortune that I have while considering and saying a word of prayer for those that are not so fortunate.

Then it was off, out of my safe haven home to the outside world to accomplish my goals that were set out for this day. The cleaners was my first stop, my nature is always to be pleasant, but do I always acknowledge in words and actions how I feel, the answer to that is No and I do not think I am the exception to that behaviour. We often feel as a returning customer that the store owner must know our feelings. However, this day I decided I would acknowledge absolutely everything that was in my path that day. To my surprise, upon acknowledging the person who was serving me with kinds words and compliments, her response was – you’ve made my day! As I travelled through the balance of my day visiting other businesses, clients, and other venues, I made it a point to verbally acknowledge with a pleasant demeanour, everyone that I encountered and without fail I received a positive response letting me know I had brightened their day, made it happier, increased their confidence. To me this was an ahah moment to realize that with really no effort, but huge awareness, I was able to change days for others and you know what at the end of my day I was certainly more fulfilled.

So my suggestion to you is, I know with certainty that being aware and acknowledging your world is a win/win situation. Too often we go through our days on our own mission to the exclusion of the beauty that surrounds us and by beauty I include things and people. Brighten someone’s’ day by acknowledging them – it will come back to you ten fold.

Happy acknowledging!!!