Is Fear a Factor in Your Days?

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself “ How many times have I missed opportunities in my life to do what I really wanted to do because of fear” I stopped and asked myself that question just last week while reading a book that I thoroughly enjoyed , The Voice of Knowledge, by Don Miguel Ruiz titled. I also reflected on the many individuals in my world and others that I am aware of who were very talented and skilful individuals who did not move forward or realize their talents and dreams because of fear.

I decided to take some time and sat back and let this question settle for me and then spent some quality time looking at the possible truth of this question and not so remarkably, many questions and situations came to mind where “fear” may have influenced actions and decisions that were made inappropriately, all based on fear. It is not something that we admit readily as we like to present ourselves as strong, capable, knowledgeable and a fearless beings, but as they say ‘ the right knowledge can be powerful” so I let this bit of knowledge sink in . I asked myself if fear could have been changing and presently changing the look of my life, and were feelings of anger, hurt, jealousy, envy rearing their ugly heads due to fear. The answer was “Yes”, so with that in mind, what to do.

Well, as Fear had and likely still was part of my life, I decided to let Fear be a partner in my life, feeling that in this way I could listen to what Fear thought it should tell me and acknowledge it – I could say “Hello Fear, thanks for coming to visit, but remember you are just a partner and as such your opinion is not final. This allowed me to take Fear’s bit of knowledge into consideration as my partner but to also take the time to reflect on concrete evidence and not be swayed by the outcome of fear. I now no longer felt that Fear was holding me hostage.

When facing Fear, have the courage to ask “Is it True ?” is what my Fear Partner telling me valid, can I be absolutely sure that it is true – can I look for validation or evidence that this is true – you will likely find that the answer to this is NO.

It has been said that we cannot be in a state of Fear and Love at the same time, so when you find yourself in this situation, why not focus on love. Try to do something that you are passionate about that brings you joy, dance in your living room while listening to an upbeat tune, go for a short walk and connect with nature. Give yourself the gift of time and meditate or read. Whatever brings love to the forefront, will always but Fear in the background.

Create Your Dream World – Give Fear to Love!