Several months ago, I was introduced to May during a professional course that we were both involved in. As we chatted during the three day course, my confidence in her ability to advise as well as her keen understanding of who I am and what my expectations for my future are, led me to decide to take advantage of May's expertise in the area of coaching, both in my business as well as my personal life.

May was able to hear what I meant rather than just what I was saying. She knew instinctively that my recent decision to go into a new area of business was right for me, and would lead to a more fulfilling life both personally and professionally. And she was so right about that. She has encouraged me to follow my heart, but not in an emotional way; in an intelligent, informed and purpose-oriented manner, gathering the tools and information before making hard decisions. In this way, I have gained the confidence that I had previously lacked and that was holding me back in my life. With May's help, I have recently put in motion a plan for my coming years that I am confident will bring me a high level of personal achievement as well as monetary gain, allowing me to enjoy life to the fullest. And that, to me, is a very great gift. I would urge anyone to enlist May Barnes as a coaching professional and, having done so myself, will never look back! M.Colbert Urban Solutions, Canadian Certified Real Estate Staging. Proud member of Team Colbert Ottawa

May Barnes helped me get myself back on track after losing my managerial job at age 50. Being a professional with a high salary and company benefits, it was so difficult getting high paying employment which led me to the edge of depression. May’s coaching help totally encouraged and sparked me to move foreword in my quest to develop a new product and make my project viable. She taught me how to regain control of my emotions and synergize my abilities while keeping my focus on progressing toward my goals. My whole attitude was changed, which ultimately led to a very successful business, thanks to her coaching skills. Norman W. Halifax, N.S

At age 19 and without college or CEGEP education, I was lost in what I wanted to do in life. I was searching for something that would lead to high wages, but meanwhile I was relegated to working low paying menial jobs I needed help urgently and my parents and friends could not help me! Then my grand father urged me to see May Barnes Coaching Institute. I hesitated at first, but then accepted to be coached by her.

My whole attitude and desire to succeed changed! She immediately directed me to move in the direction of my love, and not to jobs or to high paying trades or disciplines which I had no liking. I was oriented to proceed in the path of musical instruments, which has always been my love. But what encouraged me the most is that she “connected with me”, getting to know my inner thoughts, strengths and weaknesses, and knowing how to motivate me to do what I always wanted to do, and not going after something that may pay good, but I dislike! I owe my change of attitude to Mrs Barnes coaching & motivation skills! She has the special uncanny ability of being able to connect and effectively communicate with people, which makes the whole difference in helping them. Jacob B., Kingston, ON

With the help of May Barnes, we were able to streamline our business which subsequently led to better harmony & communication with the principal owners and better overall operation & profits. May’s coaching skills in human relations was the catalyst that made the change needed among the owners, who could not manage the business effectively due to bad attitudes and personal desires;-which ultimately led to inefficient operations. It was just a matter of changing our attitudes and learning the basics of good communication, leadership and how to properly delegate.

We, the owners were so technically skilled, but so poor in human relations, that led to miscommunication, plant errors and high attendant costs! Once May taught us the H.R. fundamentals, our business became well organized and everything improved. John S. and Harvey B., Kirkland, QB

May Barnes has the God given gift of being able to effectively connect with people, whether it be one on one or to a group. Her communication is facilitated by her dulcet voice, clarity of speech and precise choice of words which are important to projecting her message.

May is well organized when presenting something;-she knows what she wants to say and has done so in systematic logical steps which makes the presentation effective. She is a good planner.

Her excellent communication skills renders it easy for her to be a great coach & trainer, teacher because these disciplines are based on connecting with people. It is easy for her to project or get across the message simply because she has a gifted knack of being able to communicate!

Her greatest strength or attribute is her dogged determination to succeed! This quality over rides all others and complements her strengths. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Her purpose in life is to basically help people and to utilize her strengths & abilities to do so.

: May Barnes is a people oriented person whose purpose in life is to utilize her God given abilities in helping people.