• transition into a new career
  • try something new because you aren't ready to retire yet
  • make a life change or get more out of life
  • navigate the parenting process
  • help your child or grandchild gain a greater awareness of themselves and their gifts
  • have more self-esteem and confidence
  • successfully navigate through stress
  • get control of your day by learning better time management skills?
  • guidance to set both short and long-term goals



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Why Can I Help

I am a writer, speaker, Emcee, former Corporate Executive and former Sales Executive with over three decades of experience. I am a certified Master Elite Coach. I teach a number of workshops and have numerous programs available that can help you with all the tools required to live the life you have always visualized and be there as your guide to ensure you reach your personal, corporate and business goals.

Personal Coach

Bringing a coach on board can assist you bring your personal and professional goals to fulfillment. Working with the right coach provides you with your very own direction finder; ensuring you are suitably equipped to steer your way forward in life, working through or clearing away any stumbling blocks in your way. Being focused on your desire in a deliberate, formulated, favourable and opportune manner, will do marvelous things to exhilarate you.

Coaching – Your Personal Direction Finder

Coaching is a unique opportunity to focus and move forward on your personal, professional or organizational goals through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue with a confidential and unbiased thinking partner, who will guide you to think into your desired results.

There are countless definitions for Coaching, because the experience is as individual as you are. One definition is a method of directing, instructing and guiding a person or group with the specific aim to achieve a goal or develop specific skills. Working with the right coach will help unleash the greatness within you.

It is important to be accountable once you have decided to work with a coach and that is how I run my practice as I believe it is the foundation to creating strong and lasting results. Being focused on my clients’ future, I focus on clients’ goals and not their past. Because today is the tomorrow some of us worried about yesterday and worry is not a catalyst to moving us forward. I use various teachings depending on the situation to help my clients create permanent change. Having the ability to choose between various tools and resources allows me to not only have you reach your goals, but help you set them. You are the director of your own Movie, I will be there to make sure you remain the star of your life.

Together we will discuss and uncover challenges that may be apparent or not and through exercise that are forwarded to you before our coaching sessions, I will assist you in working through these by posing questions and helping you come up with the right answers for you. I use innovative thinking skills to approach situations for the possibilities it presents – solutions vs. problems.

Find out if a Personal Coach is Right for You

  • All coaching packages include unlimited email support with updates and check-ins on progress to encourage you and ensure you remain motivated between live sessions.
  • Most of my coaching is done via telephone or Skype. In person coaching is available, costs will vary depending on location, travel and availability.

For initial coaching engagements, I encourage a minimum 3-month commitment as change takes time to ensure lasting, strong, desired and positive outcomes.

A few Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you looking to transition into a new career or new venture or looking to live the life of your dreams in that business that has been waiting for you?

Are you not ready to retire and want to try and find something new or do what has always been in the back of your mind through your working years?

Are you looking to make a life change, or wanting to get more out of life?

Would more self-esteem and confidence be a great addition to your world?

Stress can be devastating and can ruin lives, would knowing how to navigate successfully through stress be a bonus in your world?

Time is so valuable – would having skills to make the most of each and every moment of every day, help you achieve your goals in a timely manner?

Would guidance in setting short and long term goals and defining them accurately for focused follow through help you?

What if you invested in yourself and/or your team? What if all of us looked at all situations in life with curiosity, fearlessness and authenticity! Coaching is the business of helping individuals and groups reach their highest self.

Unleash Yourself and Your Potential , become fearless and learn to negotiate your way to success and create your world , through your eyes.

We all have areas in our lives where we might feel stuck – it’s just a feeling, do not let it be a problem that remains a gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

Solution!! – Commit to making a change and investing in yourself